How dO i Add my own Shows? 

Adding your own shows not booked through the GigTown app is a good way to get noticed by Hosts and Venues with open gigs and to get more people to come out to your shows! Watch the video below and follow these simple steps to post your upcoming shows onto the Gigtown app. 

  1. Login to your artist account on the GigTown app
  2. Click on the "ME" tab and go into "Artist Tools"
  3. From the "Artist Tools" tab select "Add/Promote Shows" 
  4. Click on the "+" in the upper right corner
  5. Begin searching for the venue you are playing at and enter all of the pertinent details

Note: If your venue is not listed please fill out an "Add New Venue Request" or shoot us an email at with the venue name and full address and we will add that venue right away. 

Thanks for supporting GigTown and Local Music!