Getting started as a gigtown artist

 Sign up as a GigTown artist in as little as 5 minutes and follow these best practices to earn money using GigTown! 

Signing Up:

  1.  Create an artist account below or at

    Create Artist Profile | GigTown Local Music

  2. Be sure to include a good artist image, a quality live video, at least one high quality MP3 file, and a brief bio about your history as a musician
  3. After creating your profile a member of our curation team will review all of your details and inform you if you have been approved or if you need some revisions via email
  4. Once you are approved, download the GigTown app onto your mobile device or tablet and make sure that you sign in using the same credentials you used to sign up with as an artist

Getting Started:

  1. After you are approved as a GigTown artist you will have access to all of our features - follow these steps to increase your 'bookability' and make money using GigTown
  2. Add your own shows booked outside of GigTown to increase your visibility to hosts and be eligible for our check-in program 
  3. Browse open gigs in your area and submit using our Post-a-Gig feature. Leave a message telling the host about your style and other pertinent details
  4. Share your upcoming shows on social media to increase your fancount and earn $$$ with our check-in program 
  5. Ask your fans to "heart" your profile and songs to be featured on GigTown Radio
  6. Like our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with promotions and updates

You are now on your way to making money using GigTown! 

Thanks for supporting GigTown and Local Music!