Featured Artist Friday - Behon

A new series: Featured artist Friday

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Featured Artist: Behon

By Naia Kete 

What made me start listening to Behon was actually their picture. They just look like a fun group of people, and I’m such a fan of good “bands” so I wanted to check them out. I first watched their video of a song called “Fool For Love.” Their set up is really interesting. Lead singer is on acoustic guitar, a drummer with a broken down kit, keys, a saxophone and trombone player. I really like how the horns are arranged in the song. They play off each other well, and for me to make a comment like that says a lot, because I’m really particular about saxophone. Plus I like the fact that it’s a female sax player! The whole band has a nice vibe. It feels like they’re all really enjoying themselves and having fun and that shines through in the music. Even though the lead singer is the only one singing in the video, the keys act as harmonies, which is cool.  I'll be keeping an eye out for them!!