Gotta Tell You The News: GigTown Song of the Week


First off, on behalf of everyone with the GigTown team, we hope that all of our artists and their fans had a very happy Independence Day! (It was the the nation's 240th birthday, in case you were wondering!)

 Now, beyond that, we have a big announcement to share that has everyone on the team doing quite a bit of celebrating. Starting this week, GigTown is rolling out a new recurring installment called – you guessed it – GigTown "Song of the Week." Some of you have been keeping up with the Radio Roulette posts that have been going up on the blog for the past few months. Those have been really fun to write and have led to some great interaction and feedback from fans and artists alike. Well, as we move along with the introduction to Song of the Week, some things are similar and some are totally new.

“Song of the Week” will be a once weekly feature that runs here on the GigTown blog and highlights a track by one of our artists or bands. The artist or band whose song is chosen will have that piece of music placed in a brand new feature coming to GigTown Radio, which will keep the song at the top of the radio playlist feed, for access anytime during that week's run.

The inaugural artist whose music will be featured for Song of the Week is going to be a surprise that we can't wait for you to discover! So many artists are making fantastic music so you never know if your song could be featured next!

Check back soon for the first “Song of the Week” installment to hear a fun tune through GigTown Radio!

Much of what makes GigTown different is built around the idea of true interaction – both online and in real life – whether it's posting a show and then posting pictures with the fans who attend that gig, or helping to boost awareness of a local venue that needs a slot filled for a show later the same night, attending a GigTown hosted music event, or, even just giving a casual GigTown shoutout in a social status. GigTown is about so much more than being an app on a mobile device. That can never be stressed enough. Many of the artists in the GigTown community connect with and embody this mindset everyday and that's some of what we love most about them!