Local Artist Highlight: The Verigolds are a breath of fresh, Ocean Beach air


Local Artist Highlight: The Verigolds are a breath of fresh, Ocean Beach air

Two words that any San Diegan can identify with: beach and chill. Add a splash of 60’s psychedelic folk placed beneath a layer of ethereal pop and you get the ideal soundtrack for a day in the sun. Basically, you get the Verigolds. Recently added to the GigTown app, the four-piece band embodies the laid-back, artistic vibes that permeate their native Ocean Beach. Whether it is hanging out by sunset cliffs or surfing down by the pier, it’s easy to hear how their experiences mix beautifully into each and every note.

That’s not to say their sound is exclusive to Ocean Beach, either. While they have played hometown hot spots like Winstons Beach Club, the Verigolds have made waves all throughout San Diego. Just this year they’ve managed to make it onstage at House of Blues, the Soda Bar, and multiple stops at the Casbah. They even performed the main stage at Pacific Beachfest a couple weekends ago.

They have a lot working that makes them so fun to listen to. Lead singer Jenna Cotton's voice has a unique graceful elegance, the musicality that blends Ben Medley’s synth and funky robotic tones with the masterful guitar and violin work of Eliot Ross, and the way that Craig Schreiber dictates the rhythm of the room on the drums. Whichever element you point at, these four are a tour de force on stage.

You already know you can check them out on the app, where you'll see their upcoming shows, including a spot on this weekend’s Rock the Boat 2015 concert. Taking place Friday, Oct. 16, you’ll get a chance to spend the night cruising on a ship in Mission Bay and listening to some awesome GigTown artists while benefitting local charity.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, then just think: you’ll get a chance relax on a boat and see a band whose music reflects the very ocean that you’re sailing on. That sounds pretty good to us. Hope to see you there