The GIgtown tipping program



GigTown supports local musicians. That's where it all started. We created an app to help local artists get gigs and bring more fans to their shows. Then we needed to get it out there. We tried radio ads, we tried Facebook ads, we tried a lot of different things and for the most part they were all... meh.

Then we came up with an idea - pay the artists. We put out the word that every Check In on the app would be $5. Suddenly artists started signing up, getting their fans on board, and getting paid. It was really, really awesome. But it started to grow, and fast.

In fact, the number grew so fast that we blew past our monthly cap of $20,000 in tips. So, we made some changes in order to (1) keep the tips flowing and (2) get new music fans downloading the app.

Here's the plan:

  • The cap is going up to $25,000! Boom. If we hit this cap, we will notify all artists that the tips are done for the remainder of the month.
  • IN SELECT MARKETS ONLY: Check Ins by new users will be good for a $10 Tip. $10!!
    • This promotion is valid in California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Tennessee and Louisiana. 
    • To qualify as a new user, the app must have been downloaded in the previous 24 hours and must not have Checked In before.
  • A Check In by an old user or someone outside our select markets will only count for $1. It's all about getting new people on board!
  • We're no longer counting Check Ins by artists at their own shows.
  • To Check In, fans will have to sign up with their email or via Facebook.

The bottom line - GigTown is going to do everything and anything we can to support local musicians, and we are hardcore about putting our money where our mouth is. Ultimately, we will only succeed as a company by helping local artists succeed. We get that, and we want to make sure that you know that we get that.

So get on board, add your shows and start getting paid :)