This Just In: GigTown is The Talk of The Town


It's no secret that we want GigTown's virtual village to get bigger. The whole vision behind our app is a drive focused on helping to connect, and foster relationships between, the people on the ground making live music happen – both here at San Diego headquarters and of course, in cities all around the U.S. The music industry nowadays is so overloaded with bureaucracy, limitations, and a gatekeeper's mentality, that basic concepts like booking shows, can become a production in and of itself!

Well, we have worked hard since day one on behalf of these aspirations and managed to cut away some of the extraneous frivolity in the mix. Artists all across the spectrum of public development – from those just starting out, to those with label deals – are finding a far less painful path to productivity around playing shows and connecting with fans. What's been a great bit of side validation in our efforts thus far, is seeing that the shift we're gradually propelling isn't going unnoticed outside the walls of GigTown – so much so that the app and our team has been popping up in the news!

  • Discover San Diego has taken notice of our partnership with the the popular alternative rock band, Switchfoot, for what has been officially declared, “Local Music Appreciation Day” – an exciting new event happening within the city on April 25. Check out the article for all the event info, along with this promo video put together by Music Box, the local hosting venue!





  • The San Diego Tribune also just featured GigTown, highlighting its emphasis on local artists via things like GigTown Radio and the overall “[convenience] for bars, restaurants, corporate event planners, wedding organizers, universities and everyday music lovers to hire local musicians with a few clicks on a smartphone.”

  • ListenSD even chimed in, summing up quite nicely, how GigTown stands out as a tool of progress among the traditional expectations surrounding talent buying and community engagement, saying, “'Uberization' aside, what sets GigTown apart from the ancient ways of talent buying is the exact thing it has in common with any other groundbreaking idea of the last decade. Their focus is connection.


Regardless from where it comes, this kind of talk, reflecting how GigTown is out to enhance and strengthen localized music scenes and to create a seamless bridge between fans, artists, and venues, only inspires more motivation for all of us to stay the course in the name of a better music industry.

Stay tuned for even more news down the line and come take up an artist residence in GigTown today!