Featured Artist Friday: Home Sweet Home


Featured Artist |  Home Sweet Home

Submitted by Andy Altman

Before I tell you about Home Sweet Home, let me start with an apology to the Seattle-based band. I really, really wanted to make it to your show on Wednesday night at Neumos. It was supposed to happen. But then there was a Justin Bieber show in Seattle. Hell no, I did not go to the Justin Bieber show. But it did create a ton of traffic, which made me and Brian (GigTown's 'Guy in the Tie') late for a get-together we had planned with a bunch of awesome Seattle music influencers, and ultimately our meeting ran late and we weren't able to come by and see you. (Side note - our Uber was completely stuck for 10-15 minutes, so Brian and I got out and hoofed it. We wound up running up a big hill in Fremont to make it to the meeting. It was painful but epic in a way:)

With my apology out of the way, let me explain why we wanted to make it to the show and why you should give Home Sweet Home a good listen. On their song "For You", you get a groovy, soulful sound with smooth vocals that, when put together, makes you smile. Seriously, I'm writing this while Brian drives us from Seattle to Portland. We're stuck in traffic and it was feeling a little stressful as we discussed the 18,000 things happening right now, one of them being the need to get our Featured Artist Friday post out there! I was browsing local artists and stopped at Home Sweet Home. I think both Brian and I went from stressed to "this is nice, I feel a little better", to "this is a really freaking good song and everything is going to be okay and now I feel happy." I imagined myself listening to the song at a venue, better yet an outdoor venue, holding a beer, grooving and enjoying myself. It would be a great time and it will definitely have to happen on one of our next trips up to Seattle.

For readers I now have another apology. I did not do a very good job of explaining what Home Sweet Home sounds like. But I don't really apologize for that all that much. Yes, they have great instrumentation with some sweet guitar riffs, organ and piano to add some flair, and the lead singer's voice is legit. But seriously, just open up the app and search for their name. Listen to "For You" and be a little happier, like I am now :)


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