GigTown Radio Roulette! Spin #2


We're back to take GigTown's built in radio for another spontaneous roulette spin and San Francisco's Eyes on the Shore is the newest artist to land in the spotlight!

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Eyes on the Shore
Roads to Nowhere” (from A Golden Blue, released independently, Jan. 2015)

A five piece band hailing from the Golden State, Eyes on the Shore is presents with much more
 musical composure than their unsigned status would have one believe. One EP, full length, a new single into their life as a group, Eyes on the Shore don't let their lack of any particular classic status markers stop them from busting out and laying down some classic rock riffs that could compete with the best of the highly marketed mainstreamers currently out there. 

Roads to Nowhere” unrolls with a vibe that boasts a bite and parades an air of stately confidence. Packing all the necessary parts of a rock band – Cory Tauber (Vocals), Antrom Kury (Guitar), Kevin McCann (Keys), Kayhan Golkar (Bass), Erik Huang (Drums) – with the four minute track, Eyes on the Shore definitely doesn't wander aimlessly or waste any time before letting listeners know the band means business. The call and response style writing that hears the drums steadily alternating
three beats of unison kick hits and bass notes with cymbal crashes respectively, gives “Roads to Nowhere” a very firm beat and the energy of a march that solidifies the rock foundation.


Step-wise movement of motifs only a few notes in length, swing in and and out of parts through the song – from bass, to vocal, and guitar. The melodic teasers dance just shy of the line that defines a textbook blues scale. Nevertheless, the attitude provided by Eyes on the Shore more than makes up for a technical loss of pattern completion. Combine this instrumental consistency with the contrast of Tauber's swagger-loaded singing with his, reverb laden vocal and it's four minutes of music that balances itself well. Once the groove of the song picks up, concentration the lyrics almost has a tendency to fall in and out of one's awareness outside of moments where the instrument back away (“Oh the end is so silent / All the avenues gone away”) because the vibrancy of the band's instrumental execution is just that gripping.

This sentiment reaches an apex during a 30 second breakdown and guitar solo where either cranking the volume, secretly playing air guitar or both would hardly be unexpected. It's there that the band most likely lets loose in triplicate during a show, which leaves this a track wide open to a myriad of unique live listening experiences. In light of the resurgence of the blues and garage rock sounds rising through bands like The Black Keys, The White Stripes, and Rival Sons, anyone who has found themselves getting caught up in the motion of this movement will take very quickly to the well made work Eyes on the Shore has to offer.

Road to Nowhere” comes off Eyes on the Shore's full length debut A Golden Blue but their newest release is separate single, “Washed Away” (independent, Nov. 2015).

Listen for “Road to Nowhere” on GigTown Radio and look up Eyes on the Shore on GigTown to catch (or book) their next show!


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