Musicians: Get your songs on GigTown Radio now!

GigTown Radio

 The day has finally come; GigTown Radio is here and ready for your fans and future fan’s listening pleasure. 

With the launch of the new radio feature, we wanted to offer up some tips for all you looking to be apart of the monthly playlists. But first things first, no this isn’t just another subscription streaming service with ads every third song or a station with endless chatter from radio personalities.

This IS the only place for locals to discover your sound in a curated music, commercial free environment. GigTown Radio is the place where listeners will enjoy your songs one second and then have the ability to go see your live set on the very same day!


It is our continued goal to provide you with different avenues to promote your art and connect to local music lovers all over the world.

So, now to the good stuff…things to know for helping you get on GigTown Radio:

  1. For the first month’s playlist, you’ve got to be a musician in San Diego. Don’t worry other cities…there’s still 12 more months in the year ;-). Each month’s hand picked playlist will feature a different compilation of sounds to spread the love.
  2. Having highly hearted songs that are already uploaded to the app is a great start because that’s how our curation team will know what listeners have been rocking out to. So be sure that your profile is up to date with your current music. 
  3. If you’re gigging around town, you’ll want to continue to input your shows into the app (GigTown booked or not). This is a biggie because it’s the main link to listeners being able to come see your live music in San Diego and experience your show! 
  4. Musicians with fan check-ins on the app is another good one and not to mention, a no brainer. Guys this also gets you, local musicians paid!!!
  5. Have check marks on 1 through 4? You’re an all-star, obviously. The curation team will be taking all these factors into account when adding songs to the rotation. 


That’s it! We hope you’ll let us know any of your thoughts on the local radio feature and if there’s anything we can do to continue to improve. We’re here for you! Enjoy!


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