Gigtown Venue of the Month: Bella Vista Social Club and Caffe

July 24, 2016

Bella Vista Social Club and Caffe sits atop the mesa of La Jolla, nestled in next to some of the world's premiere research institutes such as the Sanford Consortium, Salk Institute, and UCSD. It's no surprise then that the restaurant/bar/event space is a hub for scientists, professors, professionals, locals, and visitors from around the globe. With so many great creative minds coming together, it made sense to add another artistic element - live music. Since launching in 2014, Founders Amanda and Nico Caniglia have made Bella Vista a hot spot for local music with sunset shows (overlooking the cliffs of La Jolla) every Thursday and Friday. GigTown partnered up with Bella Vista early on and besides bringing local artists more gigs, the partnership has led to something more... love. Read on the hear the story of how the King Taylor Project was formed :)

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Song of the Week

Song of the Week: Love Has Found Me

July 24, 2016

Billy Galewood, the artist formally known as Bushwalla, has been mixing poignant songwriting with comedy, juggling, and overall optimism, into an eccentric live show since the early 2000s. Regarded as one of Los Angeles’s finest “jack of all trades” entertainers, Galewood is known for engaging an audience and getting even the most stubborn wallflowers to get down on the dance floor. The artist has been quoted as saying, “My show is like a kids birthday party...for adults.

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Check Ins, Tipping and More

July 19, 2016

To the Artists of GigTown, 

We have some updates about the Check In program, and have a new app feature to announce. 

Changes to "CHECK INS" as of August 1st 

Musicians everywhere are getting tips for Check Ins at their shows. It's awesome. Musicians have made over $100,000 since we started the tipping program in October of last year. When we first came up with the idea, the Check In program was only intended to last for one weekend. We decided to let it ride as long as artists were willing to participate, and we had the money in our budget to do so. It has been incredible. We've heard inspiring stories from all types of musicians in America, from touring bands to solo artists to jazz pianists and even opera singers. While GigTown has only been around for 18 months, the feedback we've gotten from the local music community has been invaluable as we continue to build new features and grow as a company. 

All that being said... our current marketing budget is running out. We had to make a tough decision, but one that will keep the Check In program going for the forseeable future. Starting August 1st, each Check In will be worth $1 across the board - any show, any city in the US. We've been in touch with a few brands that are interested in sponsoring the Check In tips, and we'll be making some announcements about that shortly. In the meantime, there is a new way to make money with GigTown... 


Yes, that's right! In the next update, fans will have the ability to send artists a tip and a message, directly through the app. We've included a lot of cool payment options and artists will receive their earnings once a week, along with Check In tips. We'll have a lot more info about this and other cool additions in the next update coming soon.



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Song of the Week

Song of the Week: Gotta Survive

July 18, 2016

Today might mark the start of a new week but we're going to shake things up with a good old throwback to an artist who has been part of the GigTown community for quite some time.

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Song of the Week

Song of the Week: My Empty Ghost

July 08, 2016

The beauty of aggression leads me to the sound of a warm guitar”, croons Nate Hess on the opening track of Bad & The Ugly’s latest EP Slept in the Pages, “Can’t Shake the Daze.

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Gotta Tell You The News: GigTown Song of the Week

July 05, 2016

First off, on behalf of everyone with the GigTown team, we hope that all of our artists and their fans had a very happy Independence Day! (It was the the nation's 240th birthday, in case you were wondering!)

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Show and Tell Your Fans: Sharing Features on GigTown

June 29, 2016

Sharing your Profile and Shows on GigTown will get you more likes, more fans, and more visibility for bookings. 

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GigTown Radio Roulette Spin #16

June 21, 2016

Happy second day of summer GigTowners! The Radio Roulette wheel has been well worn into by now and with the season of top down, driving songs upon us, what better way to get things going than with some west coast jams by San Fransico's The Go Ahead!

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gigtown, Radio

GigTown Radio Roulette Spin #15

June 14, 2016

Sometimes the beginnings of the work week can feel like one weighty, crinkled up, mess and it might be not until almost Friday when things seem to settle. Well this week's Radio Roulette tune, from Nashville songstress, Amber Rubarth, ought to help bring some extra peace and order, sooner rather than later, to your day.


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Have a Heart for Local Music with GigTown!

June 08, 2016

Greetings residents of GigTown! 

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