"Light of Day" - A GigTown Exclusive by Astra Kelly


Astra Kelly is a Chicago native but has firmly entrenched herself within the San Diego music scene - having launched the Homegrown Hour on KPRI, managed various recording studios, played tons of shows. Not stopping there - Astra is supporting GigTown (and we are supporting her!) with an exclusive single in anticipation of her upcoming Record Release "Back to Ten".

With that said - three important things to note:

1. The song itself "Light of Day" is about resilience and persistence, which are fitting qualities for any musician and entrepreneur. There are a number of extremely talented musicians that contributed to the album, and on this track Gayle Skidmore is featured on piano, banjo, and vocals. Trust us that you want to give it a listen - just click here (If you're on a mobile device) to go straight to Astra's profile!

2. The album "Back to Ten" - in Astra's words " is that full circle experience of life when one era is completed and another begins. The cover is a silhouette of my six-year-old niece and she’s releasing a white balloon to catch a butterfly. Growing up, whenever there was a death in the family (pets included), my Mom would bring home one white balloon and we’d all go outside, say some prayers and ask that their spirit be released as we let the balloon go. The butterfly is transformation. For me, this record symbolizes a dramatic shift that inspired change on all levels and a surrendering to the natural flow of life.”

3. Last but not least! Astra's Record Release Concert is coming up a month from today (9/18) at Bella Vista Social Club and Caffe. It's an awesome venue with a big sprawling patio that has a fantastic view of the gliderpoint and the ocean sunset. There will be food, craft beer and wine available for purchase, and all in all it's going to be a great night starting at 5:30pm and running until 9:30. Click here (if you're on a mobile device) to check out the event and hear more of Astra's music!