Mo’ Jam Mondays is a must-see in the Seattle music scene


Mo' Jam Mondays is a scene of its own - and you have to check it out

Every Monday in Seattle, 50+ musicians come together for a jam unlike any other. Currently held at Nectar Lounge with new hosts and featured artists each week, the jam session has evolved into something more along the lines of a celebration of musical creativity with a great mix of Seattle's local artists, from undiscovered newcomers to established veterans of the scene.

Mo' Jams

A jam session with 50+ artists is pretty unique but the turnout is just a piece of what makes Mo' Jam Mondays special. Mo' Jams provide an avenue for creative expression unlike any other. Each week an artist is featured that could range from a tap dancer to a trombonist. Visual artists are inspired by the music and do live paintings while the musicians rock. And the musicians do just that. Check out some of the links below for video of Mo' Jams and you'll get a sense of it. But you'll have to make it out to Nectar Lounge to experience it. When you do, make sure to say hi to Morgan "Mo" Gilkeson, who will be running the show.

Improv Painting by Charles Xavier-Moss
Improv Painting by Charles Xavier-Moss

Mo is a Seattle native who has been drumming since a young age. She has shared the stage with jazz heavies such as Benny Green, Terell Stafford, Dawn Clement, Thomas Marriott, Christoph Luty, Tamir Hendelman and Ingrid Jensen. She's also had the honor of studying with some of the great drummers of our time, such as Jeff Hamilton, Jon Wikan, Matt Wilson, Garey Williams, and Gary Hobbs. She's currently involved in a few projects including the Morganica Quartet, a burlesque show called Tuesday Tease, and the Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra, but a big piece of her focus is on Mo' Jam Mondays.

On a recent trip to Seattle, I had the pleasure of meeting Mo and chatting about GigTown, Mo Jams and more. We're excited to partner up to help promote Mo' Jam Mondays even more, while exposing more Seattle musicians to GigTown and what we have to offer. We're going to get every artist there to check-in on the app, and raise some money for Mo' Jams thanks to our $5 tip-for-check-in offer!

Click the links below to see what you've been missing at Mo' Jam Mondays!